Dr. Ruth Garcia (Osteopath)

Ruth was initially introduced to the field of Osteopathy after seeing her brother receive treatment for an ACL knee injury.

The holistic approach to his recovery and management led her to follow a similar path where she studied Osteopathy at RMIT University and now takes a particular interest in assessing, diagnosing and treating the knee joint.

During her studies, Ruth was able to travel to Canberra and intern in a multidisciplinary clinic in addition to working as a student Osteopath at Assisi Aged care. Her time there highlighted the connections you can create with patients when you provide a hands-on approach to healthcare. It also allowed Ruth to  become familiar with treating extended family members of her patients including grandparents, parents & children.

Ruth advocates patient centered care, she enjoys collaborating with her patients and provides a multi-modality treatment approach. She utilizes techniques such as HVLA, soft tissue, myofascial release and counterstain. 

Outside of work, Ruth likes to rollerblade, travel, try new food, experience other cultures and spend time with family and friends. 
Ruth is fond of the visual arts, creating coloured pencil drawings of her favourite artists and surrealism style paintings.
If there’s a spare blank wall, you can find Ruth painting landscape murals in her spare time.   


  • Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science)
  • Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)

Meeting and helping new people, seeing progress with my patients.

Going to the beach with family and friends, walking or drawing on the sand. 

Kare- Kare : a traditional Filipino casserole

Matcha Latte

Visual arts – I love exploring different art styles and mediums.

Glute stretches! – Really help with lower back pain

It is important to understand that many factors can contribute to an increased sensitivity of pain, understanding this will allow us to address your pain more effectively through a specific management plan. 

My three older siblings – they are genuine, hardworking and successful people who inspire me to do the same.