At Live Well Health Centre, we strive to deliver personalised care for every patient.

We use a variety of techniques including massage, manipulation, dry needling, mobilisation and myofascial technique.

We also give advice on suitable exercise and rehabilitation protocols to get you back to feeling great and staying that way.

We do not believe in unnecessary ongoing treatments. Our aim is to get you feeling right again as quickly as possible and equip you with the tools you need to avoid reoccurrence. Many conditions may take only a few treatments whilst some chronic cases may require a long term management plan specific to the condition, which your osteopath will detail to you.
We will work with doctors, other health professionals or trainer to optimise treatment outcomes. As Osteopaths, we are required to keep our knowledge and skills up to date with mandatory continued professional development and as a result most up to date research and the best possible care for you!
At Live Well Osteopathy we use many techniques to tailor an appropriate treatment for you. These techniques include but are not limited to massage, manipulation, mobilisation, dry needling, myofascial & functional technique.