Our Story

Our Story

Our aim at Live Well Health Centre is to encourage wellness by educating, engaging and empowering people to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Our warm, modern space that is filled with lots of natural light was created with this thought in mind. We wanted Live Well Health Centre to be a friendly and relaxed environment that provides excellence in healthcare.

At Live Well Health Centre we are focused on providing a long term sustainable healthcare solution that is accessible to everyone. Our passion is helping people to become more proactive towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. This means taking pride in carefully listening to your health concerns and creating a treatment plan that is tailored towards alleviating your musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Directors - Live Well Health Centre

“Good health means having the energy and ability to do the things we love the most.”

Our Values

A Personalised Treatment Approach

We pride ourselves in tailoring each treatment to the individual and the specific needs they require.


The road to recovery always starts with understanding where we've first been. We take the time to understand our patients’ history and how their actions have impacted their current state of well-being.


Forever being a student of health so that we continue to deliver the highest standards of care.


Our bodies are not simple, so why use just one method of treatment. We make sure to work with other health professionals to ensure you get the most beneficial results.

The Body Is Interconnected

The body is a unit and for more effective treatment we believe in treating the whole person not just the condition.

Innovate & Grow

As we learn more about the body so does our desire to improve our skills, ask more questions and expand our knowledge. Our new space is a reminder to us to always continue to push the boundaries when helping people.