Dr Liam Franks (Osteopath)

Liam’s fascination with Osteopathy came from his love for sports and physical activity. Having immersed himself in tennis and football from a young age, he became familiar with the toll sport-related injuries can take on the body.

Motivated by these experiences, Liam embarked on a journey to unravel the complexities of the human body and its functions through the lens of Osteopathy.

Now, practising as an Osteopath, Liam is dedicated to assisting his patients in reclaiming their optimal well-being.

Liam tailors his treatments to the unique needs of each individual.

Outside the clinic, Liam values his time with friends and family. He enjoys playing tennis and golf, In addition to watching sporting events where possible.


  • Bachelor of Health & Applied Science (Osteopathy)
  • Osteopathy Australia Member

It’s very rewarding to see the positive changes in people’s lives that Osteopathy can provide.

The amount of pain felt does not necessarily indicate the severity of the injury. Pain is a subjective experience influenced by various factors beyond the physical damage to tissues.


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