Elisha Jarrad (Pilates)

Elisha Jarrad (Pilates)

Elisha has developed a strong passion for Pilates after seeking a lower impact alternative to higher intensity exercises following the birth of her first child in 2014.

After practising Pilates for several years, Elisha made the decision to move away from a sedentary office job to become a qualified Pilates instructor and share the benefits of balancing strength with mobility and flexibility to assist others achieve overall good health, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

With an additional 15 years experience in Callisthenics (CaliVic) and practice in pole fitness and group fitness classes, Elisha aims to plan fun and challenging Pilates workouts for clients to achieve their goals and optimal mental wellness.


  • APPI Pilates Instructor Certification
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Certificate IV
  • Business Administration Certificate IV

When my patients tell me how much better they feel in comparison to the start of the class, how much they enjoyed their sessions and when their condition has improved as a result of consistent Pilates.

Bridges, my favourite all rounder exercise with countless benefits. It can be performed by any skill level and on different pieces of equipment with so many variations to progress.

Any type of pasta

Large Cap with no sugar

Spending time with my three sons and eating good food.

Morning Pilates, a big brunch out with a few mimosas, spending time at the park with my boys and finishing up with a relaxed evening at home.

The most influential people in my life have always been the people closest to me including my family, friends and colleagues.