Dr. Naomi Nanayakkara

From a young age Naomi had a keen interest and fascination with health and the human body, matched with a passion to help others. There was no doubt that this led to Osteopathy being a perfect fit for her, she is currently in her final year of her Osteopathy course at Victoria Univerity.

Having suffered with shoulder injuries of her own, she has experienced first-hand the positive impact that Osteopathic preventative and holistic treatments can have on a patient’s outlook and quality of life.

Naomi enjoys treating individuals throughout all stages of their health journey, with a keen interest in educating and empowering her patients to take charge of their health so they and get back to doing what they love in life unhindered. Naomi strives to listen, understand, and educate her patients to help manage their pain, bringing a compassionate and empathetic approach to her treatments. She adopts a hands-on approach with the incorporation of exercise rehabilitation and movement (including Pilates) to achieve best patient outcomes.

When not studying or working Naomi enjoys pottering in her garden, going for walks in nature with her gorgeous dogs Mort and Abbey or trying exciting new restaurants with her partner.


  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Osteopathy/ Masters of Osteopathy
  • Beyond Clinical & Rehabilitative Pilates Course.

I love that Osteopathy provides a setting where you are able to form a strong connection with your patient. I think this allows me to really understand what is going on and tailor my approach to best suit the individual, so that we can then work together to achieve desired results.

I love trying new foods all the time, currently enjoying Vietnamese Rice vermicelli with Prawn spring rolls.

Currently renovating an old 60’s home with a dream to make it carbon neutral

Brooklyn 99

A little fluff ball Cavoodle named Lily and a niece German Shepherd named Luna

Spending it with my family, sharing a meal and enjoying nature in some way

My grandma, she taught me to always be curious.

Yes, two very cheeky dogs, Mort and Abbey