Dr Samantha Volarich

Dr Samantha Volarich

Sam developed a special interest in the health industry whilst working through her own injuries during her many years as a competitive swimmer.

Sam enjoys treating everything from sports related injuries right through to pregnancy related pain.Since working as an Osteopath, Sam has completed further training in the treatment and long term management of headaches and migraines using techniques from the Watson Headache Institute.

Sam enjoys using a range of techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, dry needling and exercise prescription. Sam, understands the value of getting to know her patients, and understands the importance of building long term musculoskeletal goals and not just focussing on acute stages of pain.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise Science & Physical activity and health)
  • Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy)
  • Masters of Health Sciences (Osteopathy)
  • Dry needling and Cupping
  • Watson Headache and Migraine Institute
  • SMA Sports Training

I love getting to meet new people everyday and helping them reach their health goals.

Keep moving! We understand that moving while in pain sounds daunting but the body loves movement and you will feel better for it.

I am a horrible Melbournion, I don’t drink coffee!

Warm weather, spending a relaxed day with friends and family.