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Harnessing Rotational Strength for Tennis Success

In the world of tennis, where every move counts, players are always on the lookout for ways to up their game. One often overlooked but crucial aspect? Rotational strength. As an Osteopath, I’ve seen firsthand how this kind of strength can make a real difference for tennis players of all levels. Here are the top reasons why

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Breastfeeding; a pain in the neck and shoulders

Those who have breastfeed know the incredible joy and bonding experience that it can create between mum and baby, but also the strain and toll it can take on your body. Similarly to pregnancy, during the fourth trimester when breastfeeding the body continues to adjust to the postural changes needed to assist with feeding. Our

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Should I come to see my Osteo if I am pregnant?

At Live Well Health Centre, most of our Osteopaths have a particular interest in women’s health, especially throughout pregnancy. But is it actually safe? During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through many changes. As the baby grows, the mother’s belly will extend out and this changes her centre of gravity. Therefore this leads to many

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