Dentons Medi Rest Pillow

A therapeutic support pillow designed for side sleepers who prefer their pillow medium to high and offers ultimate neck support.



Dentons Pillows Medi Rest is a top of the range, contoured pillow designed to give side sleepers and optimal nights rest. Created by Dentons signature Softec™️, this patented foam blend material is designed to provide you with the neck support and alignment you crave for. All while maintaining its breathability to remain cool all night long. If you suffer from upper back, neck and/or shoulder pain then this may be the pillow for you as its shoulder recess allows your head to rest comfortably on the surface, allow your head to mould to it at a medium to high height. Keeping it fresh and clean is easy as the Medi Rest has a washable zip cover and fits the standard pillowcase you already have at home. Continue your post-treatment, relaxed feeling by laying your head on this product to combine the ultimate therapeutic effects of osteopathic treatment and Dentons Contour Pillow – the Medi Rest.